Electric Lotus Is FDA-Warned For Hawking “Kid Friendly” Vaping Liquids

In recent months we’ve seen the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, take aim at dozens of vaping product companies the agency feels are marketing products to children. Last week FDA fired off another formal warning letter, with this one going to Chris Davis and Electric Lotus.

Chris Davis and his company Electric Lotus get formal warning letter.
Christopher Davis and his vaping company Electric Lotus are FDA-warned for peddling e-liquids that are intentionally packaged to resemble “kid-friendly” food items like popular candy and cereal products.

Nine e-liquid products caught inspectors’ eyes and were singled out in the warning letter. Those are:

  • Cereal Treats Crunch e-liquid
  • Cereal Treats Loopz e-liquid
  • Cereal Treats Charms e-liquid
  • Cereal Treats Krispies e-liquid
  • Jammin Berries Blueberry Jam e-liquid
  • Jammin Berries Peanut Jamz Raspberry e-liquid
  • Dripflavors Strawberry Lemonade Salt e-liquid
  • Dripflavors Sour Apple Kiwi Gummy Salt e-liquid
  • Heavy Custard Unicorn Cake

Cereal Treats Crunch e-liquid, Cereal Treats Loopz e-liquid, Cereal Treats Charms e-liquid, Cereal Treats Krispies e-liquid from Electric Lotus
Do these look like cereals to you? FDA says these e-liquids look too much like name brand kids’ cereals.

These products are all considered “misbranded” and carry what the agency calls “false or misleading labeling” because they closely resemble food products marketed to children. This, says FDA, and the “strong, sweet scent” of the vaping liquid inside increases the likelihood that a child will swallow the e-liquid, thinking it is a food product.

Electric Lotus was also cited for allegedly selling at least one of the products to a customer under the age of 18,  which is, of course, illegal.

As is customary for FDA, the agency says that its warning letter to Electric Lotus is not intended to be all-inclusive. It’s on CEO Chris Davis to find and remove similar products from sale. (It appears that has already happened. As of my visit to the store’s website this afternoon, all the products mentioned in the letter were gone.)

FDA's formal listing of misbranded e-liquids from Electric Lotus.
The FDA warning letter to Electric Lotus and CEO Chris Davis

Screengrabs of FDA-cited e-liquid products collected and used under Doctrine of Fair Use.