3 Bathroom-Related Recalls

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, has had its hands full this fall, especially when it comes to safety in what advocates say is the most dangerous room in your house–the bathroom. Just in the past month or so the agency has passed along three separate recalls involving products manufactured specifically for that room.

Multiple recalls of bathroom items.
CPSC has notified consumers about recalls involving shower doors, seats and heaters recently.

Smart Thermaflo Bathroom Heater Fans

Back in November Seabreeze International announced a recall of more than 5000 of its Smart Thermaflo Bathroom Heater Fans after it was discovered that the safety cutoff could fail, allowing the heaters to overheat.

At least one such incident was reported to the company.

Smart Thermaflo Bathroom Heater Fans Recall
Model SF14TA of the Smart Thermaflo Bathroom Heater Fans is recalled due to a potential problem with the safety cutoff.

Cove and Suave Shower Doors and Panels

December has brought along two recalls so far. The first was for Cove and Suave models of Foremost shower doors and shower panels. In its press release about the recall Foremost disclosed that it has received 73 reports of pivot hinges failing, causing the glass doors to separate from their frame and fall, and another 13 reports of the glass doors separating from their frame and shattering.

Only around 700 of these doors and panels were sold.

Cove and Suave models of shower doors and panels by Foremost recalled.
Foremost recalls Cove and Suave models of shower doors after more than 80 units failed.

Signature Hardware Shower Seats

Also recalled in December were Signature Hardware’s teak shower seats. As of December 04,  2018 the company had received 197 reports of the wall-mounted seats breaking. More than 30 people reported falling and at least 23 of them were injured. Three customers required stitches and one person reported a broken bone.

Signature Hardware Shower Seat Recall
Multiple injury reports prompted Signature Hardware to recall these wall-mounted teak shower seats.

All of these products should be immediately retired from use, say safety advocates.