Fake Doctors Get Cease-and-Desist Orders

Washington State Department of Health announced this week that its Unlicensed Practice Program has sent cease-and-desist orders to two women the agency says are not qualified in the therapies they were peddling.

Tess Thompson and Bethany Barnes
Bethany Barnes and Tess Thompson get cease-and-desist orders from Washington Department of Health.

Tess Thompson

A Benton county woman named Tess Thompson earned a cease-and-desist order by advertising her services as an acupressure practitioner. For $45, health officials say, Thompson would “treat” your allergies through acupressure.

Thompson, of course, does not have a naturopathic physician license.

Bethany Barnes

The case of Bethany Barnes is a bit more interesting in that it involves a $5000 fine. Barnes is not licensed as a physician, osteopath, massage therapist or physical therapist but that didn’t stop her from offering (and providing) pain treatment services, says the Secretary of Health.

Barnes, who is reportedly from King County, has been ordered to cease and desist from practicing medicine, osteopathy, massage or physical therapy.

Unlicensed practitioners generally have the right to appeal their C&Ds but must do so in a timely manner. Future violations are treated as class C felonies under Washington State law.

We attempted to contact both women but were unable to reach either one.


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