More Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus, RKG Extreme Refunds Are Coming

Back in October of 2017, the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, announced that it was sending refund checks to people who had been scammed by the sellers of products that included Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus and RKG Extreme. The refunds came about after the FTC successfully sued husband-and-wife- team Jason and Danelle Miller (and more than 40 companies the couple ran).

Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus customer will soon see a refund.
The FTC sued Jason Miller and his wife Danelle Miller for false health claims.

In court filings the FTC accused the couple of making what the agency called “unsupported health claims” about their supplements and skin care products, lying about free trial offers and then scamming customers into giving up their banking or credit card information. The couple then used that financial info, claims FTC, to debit people‚Äôs bank accounts without their consent. The couple also allegedly refused to honor customers’ requests to be removed from the companies’ calling lists.

What’s Happening In 2019

This latest announcement from FTC says that after customers were refunded back in 2017, about $2.5 million remained in the fund the Millers were forced to set up. FTC will be using the remaining money to send out an additional round of refunds to scammed customers.

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