Illegal Colloidal Silver Seized In Canada

Health Canada has announced an apparent raid and seizure at Activation Products Canada in Cobourg, Ontario. In its formal consumer advisory, the agency did not disclose what, exactly, prompted its investigation into the company but did say that Activation Products Canada was caught operating without the proper oversight in place. And that, say officials, could make it difficult (if not impossible) for the company to track down customers in the event of a recall.

Panasilver is recalled.
Image of colloidal silver scam Panasilver courtesy Health Canada.

But that news seemed to be almost an aside. The real story, apparently, is that Activation Products Canada was caught selling an illegal colloidal silver “supplement”. Branded under the label Panasilver, the product is hawked as a daily immune booster. It is marketed for use by adults and children.

Silver has long been used as a germ-killer and still is, albeit in limited ways these days. But nothing we know about colloidal silver suggests that it boosts the immune system–or has any other benefits when consumed orally.

What we do know about oral colloidal silver, though, is that it can be dangerous. Animals given the product have experienced enlarged hearts, liver problems, neurological symptoms and even death.

And then there is the well-documented danger of argyria. In human beings, high or sustained “doses” of colloidal silver cause a permanent change in skin, nail and eye color. (Activation Products’ U.S. website claims its formulation cannot produce the permanent blue-gray discoloration but Health Canada disputes that.)

Unborn babies appear to be at increased risk, say doctors, because colloidal silver does cross the placenta.

Any Canadian citizen who purchased Panasilver should not use it, says Health Canada. And if you used it and think you were harmed by it you are urged to seek medical help.

As far as I can tell, Activation Products has not acknowledged the raid or commented publicly on Health Canada’s accusation that it was operating illegally.