Osteopath Sean Patrick Pearson Is Suspended

Osteopathic physician assistant Sean Patrick Pearson has been found potentially “unable to practice” after a 2017 investigation determined Pearson had diverted drugs he was supposed to have disposed of. The suspension of Pearson’s osteopathic physician assistant license, which he had held for nearly 3 years, was announced by Washington State Department of Health, or WSDH, yesterday.

Sean Patrick Pearson Statement of Charges
The formal Statement of Charges against osteopathic physician assistant Sean Patrick Pearson, alleging Pearson was “dishonest” and diverted prescription medications for his own use.

In the January 29, 2019 Statement of Charges, WSDH reveals that Pearson was the focus of a workplace investigation in early 2017. Pearson’s employer, who was not identified in the statement, alleged that Pearson, then employed as a physician assistant, had diverted some medications that were supposed to be disposed of. He was placed on administrative leave.

Weeks later Pearson was evaluated by the state’s Physicians Health Program and referred to a substance use disorder evaluation. Pearson allegedly declined.

That, says WSDH, potentially makes him “unfit” to work. In 2018 the state’s Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery ordered him to comply with a physical and mental exam. The result of that exam was the suspension of his license.

Earlier this week the board ordered Pearson to surrender his credentials. Further disciplinary actions may be on the way.

Sean Patrick Pearson loses his credentials in Washington.
Summary Action Order against Sean Patrick Pearson.


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