GNC’s Women’s Iron Complete Recall

For decades, iron supplements of a certain dosage have been required by U.S. law to be sold in child resistant packaging. But whomever designed the blister packs for GNC’s now-recalled Women’s Iron Complete product was apparently unaware of that.

GNC discovered hawking a non-child-resistant iron supplement.
Photos of recalled Women’s Iron Complete supplement from GNC courtesy of CPSC.

In a recall notice published by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, retailer GNC announced that it was recalling an estimated 756,000 boxes of Women’s Iron Complete because the blister cards containing the pills do not meet the federal requirement.

The supplement was manufactured by a GNC company, Nutra Manufacturing, and distributed through GNC stores, GNC’s website and Each box of 60 pills cost about $10.

Incredibly, GNC says that Women’s Iron Complete has been on the market in this packaging since 2000.

There are no lot numbers, best-by dates or other manufacturing codes to look for. Simply check, says CPSC, for a 60-count grey and red box with “Women’s Iron Complete” printed on it.

Women’s Iron Complete packaging.
The recall notice for Women’s Iron Complete from GNC suggests that it was on the market for 18 years before anyone realized its packaging did not meet federal requirements for child safety.

If you find one in your possession, says CPSC, keep it away from children and return it to your nearest GNC store. You will be given a refund.


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