Child Safety

Emergency Order Closes Catarina Lopez’s Child Care

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services announced late this afternoon that it has issued an emergency order closing Catarina Lopez’s daycare in Omaha. Earlier in the day, says the agency in a press release, it learned that Lopez had been charged with a Class 2 felony after allegedly breaking a child’s arm.

Catarina Lopez admits she hurt a toddler and loses her daycare license.
State of Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services closes Catarina Lopez’s day care after she admits to injuring a child.

According to a publicly available affidavit, Lopez had held a provisional child care license for less than a year in Nebraska. She could care for as many as 10 children at a time and was licensed for 24 hour care, seven days a week.

On February 5, 2019, she was charged with Child Abuse Resulting In Serious Bodily Injury after a toddler sustained fractures to the shoulders, arm and wrists in late January. Lopez allegedly told law enforcement officers that she “forcefully pulled” at the child.

Lopez is entitled to a hearing about her license, assuming she requests one within 15 days of receiving the emergency order. Until then she is barred from caring for any child who is not her own.

Officials have released no other information on the alleged victim.


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