Kyte BABY Recall – Walkers Failed Flammability Tests

Kyte BABY announced yesterday that it was being forced to recall 9 models of its Sleep Bag Walker items after the clothing failed to meet Canada’s flammability standards for children’s clothing.

The company says that fewer than 80 of the garments were sold and there have been no reports of any child being injured while wearing one. Nevertheless, says Health Canada, the clothing could pose a burn injury risk.

Recalled are 9 model numbers:

  • America, with model number 1463AM
  • Creek, with model number 1463CK
  • Mythical, with model number 1463ML
  • Ocean, with model number 1463OC
  • Aqua, with model number 1463AQ
  • Cloud, with model number 1463CD
  • Petal, with model number 1463PT
  • Storm, with model number 1463ST
  • Slate, with model number 1463SL
Chinese-made Kyte BABY Sleep Bag Walkers fail flammability tests.
Photos of recalled Kyte BABY Sleep Bag Walkers are courtesy of Health Canada.

All the recalled sleep bag walkers were made in China. They were distributed by U.S.-based Kyte BABY LLC of Texas.

If you have any of these garments you are urged to return them to your place of purchase for a refund. The press release announcing the recall did not include a list of retailers, pricing information or sale history.

Neither Kyte BABY’s website nor any of its social media pages carry any notice of the recall that I could find.