FDA Warning Letters

FDA Takes On Alzheimer’s Scam Remedies

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has sent formal warning letters to peddlers of fake Alzheimer’s remedies before but never have they sent so many in such a focused effort.

Warned in the past week or so are a dozen sellers of “natural” or “herbal” products. Those sellers are:

  • Sovereign Laboratories and Douglas Wyatt
  • Pure Nootropics and Christopher Dziak
  • Earth Turns and Thomas Scheiber
  • TEK Naturals and Trevor Rose
  • John Gray’s Mars Venus and John Henderson Gray
  • Nutrition Coalition and Kolleen Sunde
  • Blue Ridge Silver and Steven Griffin
  • DK Vitamins and Maria Salute
  • Peak Nootropics/Advanced Nootropics and Dennis Butts
  • Gold Crown Natural Products and Arnaldo Arias
  • Emmbros Overseas Lifestyle and Sahil Mehta
  • BR Naturals and Boris Novosel

The people and companies warned in this round hawked everything from nut and seed oils like avocado oil to dietary supplements like melatonin and even colloidal silver (which is actually illegal to sell as an over-the counter remedy for anything) as treatments for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. One seller, for example, allegedly pushed–to use his own words–“high doses of colloidal silver”–to prevent ALS, Alzheimer’s, cancer, arthritis, HIV and more.

Some peddlers made extensive use of social media to hawk their wares. One seller, for example, was warned for claims his company made on Facebook and Twitter–like this post, in which he claims black seed oil treats Hashimoto’s disease:

Facebook post in which Boris Novosel of BR Naturals claims black seed oil treats Hashimoto's disease.
Screenshot of a BR Naturals post in which the author apparently confuses hypothyroidism with one of its causes, Hashimoto’s disease, and falsely claims black seed oil treats it.

In addition to making these dozen warning letters public, the FDA also issued a consumer update warning about the potential for exploitation patients with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive and memory loss conditions face. As our older population continues to increase, says the FDA, the number of people targeting them for scams and unproven treatments has, too.