McDaniel Life-Line Recalls Indian Herb

McDaniel Life-Line LLC has gone out of business, apparently as a result of having to recall its entire inventory of the family-owned company’s Indian Herb product.

Caustic ingredients force a recall of Indian Herb.
Image of Indian Herb “supplement” that has been recalled after a reported injury and a company admission that some ingredients are caustic.

In the press release announcing the recall, the company initially blames non-allowed therapeutic claims as the reason for the recall. But the product was also tested, apparently by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, and found to contain multiple ingredients the company admits are “caustic in nature”.

The company acknowledges that as of February 8, 2019 it had received one report of a consumer being injured by Indian Herb. (It was not disclosed whether the consumer consumed the supplement or applied it topically.)

What Indian Herb Is

A 2018 archive of the sales page for Indian Herb describes it as a “very potent” and “perfectly balanced vitamin and mineral substance which is not harmful to the body in any way”. It was hawked to “balance” the metabolism and treat “blood disorders”. It has previously been marketed as a treatment for skin cancers.

One of Indian Herb’s primary ingredients was the company’s Catalytic Activated Energy Water product, reportedly made by a “unique method” and with protoplasm as a component. It can be consumed, diluted with distilled water, or applied to the skin to treat burns, rashes and other injuries. (UPDATE: Catalytic Activated Energy Water is also now recalled.)

McDaniel Life-Line did not say if the Catalytic Activated Energy Water was one of the caustic ingredients.

Russell McDaniel & Indian Herb

According to an archived page from the company’s website, which is now defunct, Life-Line was founded in 2002 by Russell McDaniel. McDaniel, who had been selling the Indian Herb product for years already, brought his son, Bruce McDaniel and daughter, Kathleen Parsley into the business at that time.

Bruce McDaniel and Kathleen Parsley recall their Indian Herb remedy after it reportedly injures a user.
Screenshot of by Bruce McDaniel Kathleen Parsley taken from August 20, 2018 archive.

The company says using Indian Herb could cause “temporary or permanent damage”. An FDA statement issued days after the recall characterizes one type of “damage” as possible chemical amputation. The FDA also says that the water product carries with it the potential for microbial contamination.

Anyone who has any Indian Herb in their possession should discontinue use of it.


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