Naturopath Xochitl Palomino On Probation

Washington State Department of Health, or WSDH, announced last week that its Naturopathy Board has reached an agreement with naturopath Xochitl Palomino that will put Palomino’s naturopathic physician license on probationary status for at least the next two years.

For failing to meet the standard of care for multiple patients, Palomino will be barred from prescribing medical marijuana or any controlled substance. He will pay a $1000.00 fine and take continuing education classes in diagnosing, ethics, patient recordkeeping and treatment planning.

Naturopth Xochitl Palomino's Statement of Charges
Formal Statement of Charges against Xochitl Palomino by Washington State Department of Health.

WSDH alleges that Palomino gave out medical marijuana inappropriately. In the case of one patient, for example, he gave medical marijuana to a fibromyalgia sufferer but did not document any monitoring of the patient or any follow-up. Nor, apparently, did he counsel the patient to limit non-essential activities that could be causing some of the symptoms. And he did not address the patient’s anxiety and the potential exacerbation of the anxiety that medical marijuana could bring about.

Palomino is accused of similar negligence with a patient to whom he prescribed medical marijuana for knee pain. WSDH says that he did not document any discussion he might have had about activity that could contribute to the patient’s pain.

In all, ten patients received substandard care, alleges the agency. All were given medical pot authorizations but the justification for those authorizations was subpar.

Xochitl Palomino has been a licensed naturopathic physician in Washington for more than eight years. His credential status is currently listed as “Active on Probation”.

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