Dollar General’s Baby Gripe Water Recalled

New York’s Kingston Pharma has announced a recall of its gripe water “supplement” sold under the Dollar General label DG™ Baby Gripe Water. The problem, says the company in a recall notice published to its website, is the reported presence of an ingredient that is not fully dissolved.

Multiple complaints of an undissolved ingredient prompt a recall of
Image of DG Baby Gripe Water provided by the company.

The product, which is considered an “herbal supplement”, is not contaminated and should not be considered hazardous. It could, however, be difficult for some customers to swallow. Kingston Pharma says it has received one report of a newborn having difficulty swallowing the product and three complaints about the undissolved ingredient.

All production codes are covered by the recall. Look for a 4-ounce amber bottles with a white plastic caps with safety seals and an includedoral syringe. The UPC Code is 8 5495400246 3.

DC Baby Gripe Water was offered in Dollar General stores nationwide. There was no word on how many bottles of the “supplement” may have been sold to customers. If you have any on hand you should throw it out, advises the company.

What Is Gripe Water?

Gripe water is a controversial herbal product typically marketed in the U.S. as a dietary supplement. It almost always contains fennel and/or dill, as well as any number of other “digestive” herbs. Gripe water is most often given to infants to treat colic.

Gripe water has not been exhaustively studied for efficacy and the studies that have been done were not supportive of its use. One of the most recent studies, for example, was done in India in 2015 and found the product ineffective for stomach ache in babies. The study, which was published in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, also found that the children who used it were more likely to suffer vomiting and constipation than babies who did not.

Nevertheless, gripe water continues to remain popular and widely available.


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