Facebook Pulling Anti-Vax Ads

Facebook’s vice president of global policy management announced yesterday that the social media juggernaut will soon implement a plan it says will “tackle vaccine misinformation” by limiting the exposure it gives to groups, pages and ads that spread false or misleading information about vaccine safety.

Combatting Vaccine Misinformation at Facebook
Facebook announces a new effort to fight anti-vaccine propaganda.

In a blog post, Monika Bickert revealed a few of the steps Facebook plans to take against people and organizations it catches distributing anti-vaccine “information”:

  • Reduce their rankings in News Feed and Search
  • Reject their paid ads
  • Hide the info from Instagram’s Explore and hashtag pages

To determine when information is a hoax, says Bickert, Facebook will use criteria from major health organizations like the World Health Organization and the Centers For Disease Control.

Facebook is not censoring individuals but says it will look into ways to offer “educational information”.


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