McDaniel Life-Line FINALLY Recalls Contaminated Water

Weeks ago we brought you the story of McDaniel Life-Line and its recall of an herbal product so caustic it could, said the FDA, cause “chemical amputations”. Yesterday it was announced that another product, Life-Line Water, was also being recalled.

McDaniel Life-Line LLC Issues Voluntary Worldwide Recall of Life-Line Water
McDaniel Life-Line finally recalls its Catalytic Activated Energy Water–weeks after tests found bacterial contamination in it.

That Life-Line’s bottled water product is contaminated is not news; the FDA actually disclosed that fact weeks ago. But yesterday’s recall notice finally told us the exact pathogen–the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is of special concern to medical experts because it is one of our “super bugs” resistant to multiple antibiotics. It is especially dangerous to people with weakened immune systems.

As of March 05, 2019 there had still been no reports of anyone using the water and becoming ill.

All lot codes are affected by this recall.


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