FDA Warning Letters

Hanna’s Herb Shop Gets FDA Warning

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, recently sent a formal warning letter to Thomas Brown and the store he manages, Hanna’s Herb Shop, for non-allowed drug claims the company reportedly made about several of its herbal products.

Thomas Brown and Hanna's Herb Shop are FDA warned for drug claims.
FDA warning letter sent to Thomas Brown and Hanna’s Herb Shop for non-allowed health claims made of the store’s Kolester, Kava Kava, St. John’s Wort and other herbal remedies.

The letter, which was dated March 5th 2019, called out several products in particular. Among them were:

  • Kroeger Herb Kolester
  • Kroeger Herb St. John’s Wort Complete Concentrate
  • Kroeger Herb FLT (Flu Tea) 
  • Kroeger Herb Heart Care Blend
  • Kroeger Herb Circu Flow and Aloe Vera Juice (Inner Leaf)

In the case of the “flu tea” remedy just the name of the product was enough to get the FDA’s attention. And then there was the case of a bee pollen product, which apparently got the company in trouble simply because it was listed under allergy remedies.

But the allegations FDA made about some of Hanna’s herbal remedies were little more serious. A customer testimonial about the Kroeger Herb Circu Flow and Aloe Vera Juice product, for example, seemed to position it as an alternative to a surgical procedure. And Hanna’s Kolester supplement was hawked as an alternative to pharmaceutical statins.

Kroeger Herb Kolester was marketed as an alternative to statin drugs.
Archived screenshot of Hanna’s Herb Shop’s website, where the company seems to hawk its Kroeger Herb Kolester supplement as an alternative to statins.

FDA typically gives supplement peddlers 15 working days to address allegations that they are marketing products with illegal claims and that is the case here.

As of my check this morning, the FDA-cited claims I looked up had been removed from the HannasHerbShop.com website. Neither the site’s blog nor any of Hanna’s social media accounts address the FDA formal warning.