Miracle Honey For Men Is Just Another Trashy Supplement

USA LESS is being forced to recall its entire distribution of its Turkish-made LEOPARD Miracle Honey “supplement”, due to contamination with a pharmaceutical drug.

LEOPARD Miracle Honey are recalled after drug contamination is discovered.
LEOPARD Miracle Honey turns out to be far less miraculous than its peddlers claim. This “natural” men’s supplement is actually adulterated with sildenafil.

In its press release about the recall the company admits that tests run by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, uncovered the presence of sildenafil hidden away in the supposedly “natural” product. Sildenafil, as you probably know, is a prescription-only medication prescribed to men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The finding of sildenafil in LEOPARD Miracle Honey makes it, from the FDA’s point of view, an unapproved drug.

But the product worries doctors for another reason. Men who know they should not take medications like Viagra or Cialis could turn to “supplements” like this one, believing them to be safer, natural remedies. in fact, the presence of sildenafil means that any consumer taking medications for conditions like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or heart disease could experience the same life-threatening drop in blood pressure that men who are prescribed ED medications are warned about.

As of March 22, 2019 USA LESS says it has not received any reports of anyone being sickened or injured by the supplement.

If you think you might still have some of the recalled product on hand, look for a 12-count wooden box labeled as:

  • LEOPARD Miracle Honey with UPC CODE 8 699415 910534

All lot numbers are affected by this recall. You should return your supply to:

  • USA LESS, PO Box 250-138, BROOKLYN, NY 11225.

USA LESS says it is in the process of notifying its customers & consumers thru e-mail. It has not, however, posted the recall notice to its website,, as of April 08, 2019. (I was actually still able to add the product to an online shopping cart.)

Nor has it, as far as I can see, shared news of the recall on any of its linked social media pages.