FDA Warning Letters

Catnip Cocktail Warned For Drug Claims

The FDA, or Food and Drug Ddministration, has formally warned David Bunata of Catnip Cocktail about non-allowed drug claims he allegedly made about the product on at least 2 different websites.

FDA orders Catnip Cocktail to remove anxiety claims from www.buycatnipcocktail.com and www.catnipcocktail.com.
David Bunata’s Catnip Cocktail gets served a formal FDA warning letter for non-allowed anxiety claims made about the product.

Catnip Cocktail is a catnip-based “natural” remedy that promises to relieve anxiety and reduce pain in cats. On the websites BuyCatnipCocktail.com and CatnipCocktail.com Bunata made claims like:

  • The ultimate mood enhancer
  • Helpful pain relieving properties
  • For the treatment of anxiety in cats and dogs

These claims, says the FDA, show that the product is intended as a drug. And that makes it a “new animal drug” in the agency’s opinion.

Bunata was given the normal 15 working days to answer the allegations.