Viralox, DPS Throat Spray, Immulox, Immuno PRP Spray Recalled

APS BioGroup has announced a recall of 4 of its products:

  • Viralox
  • DPS Throat Spray
  • Immulox
  • Immuno PRP Spray

Viralox oral spray is recalled.
Photo of recalled Viralox courtesy FDA.

In its press release about the recall, APS BioGroup discloses that the recall was prompted by the discovery of the potential for Stenotrophomonas maltophilia contamination. Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, say health experts, can cause respiratory infections. It is a rare infection but one that can be tough to cure.

DPS Throat Spray is recalled for bacterial potention.
DPS Throat Spray photo supplied by FDA and APS BioGroup.

All of the recalled supplements are hawked for supporting immune health. They were sold nationwide through online sellers like Amazon, and to brick-and-mortar stores like Sprouts and Healthy Habit Health Foods.

Each comes in a 5-ounce plastic spray bottle marked with lot code 9068 and an expiry date code of 04/2021.

Immulox is recalled.
Photo of Immulox supplement courtesy FDA.

As of the date of the recall announcement, neither the company nor the Food and Drug Administration had received any reports of anyone being sickened by the products.

Of course, APS encourages you not to use any remaining products you might still have on hand.

Immuno PRP Spray recalled.
Immuno PRP Spray


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