EZ Weight Loss TX announces recall of adulterated LaBri's Body Health Xplode.
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Another LaBri’s Body Health Recall

Another distributor of LaBri's Body Health "supplements" has announced a recall. Why EZ Weight Loss TX didn't recall back in March when Envy Me recalled its inventory is not known but EZ Weight Loss TX announced Monday that all packages of LaBri's Body Health Atomic and LaBri's Body Health Xplode are being pulled from the market. Just as before,… Continue reading Another LaBri’s Body Health Recall

Health Canada raids Shop Sante Leval of its Fluffy Unicorn.
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Fluffy Unicorn Found In Quebec’s Shop Santé Laval

Officials with Health Canada say they have raided Shop Santé Laval in Quebec and seized its inventory of the "supplement" known as Fluffy Unicorn. The product, which is typically hawked as a workout aid, is deemed an unauthorized product under Canadian law. And it's dangerous, say health officials. Not only does it contain the stimulant… Continue reading Fluffy Unicorn Found In Quebec’s Shop Santé Laval

Steroids and steroid-like ingredients in bodybuilding and weightlifting supplements prompt a warning from FDA.
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FDA Works Up A Sweat Over Body Building “Supplements”

Earlier this week the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, made public the official warning letters the agency sent to 3 peddlers of body building "supplements" that the agency alleges contain steroid ingredients or steroid-like ingredients. Those companies are: Flex Fitness Products/Big Dan’s Fitness AndroPharm Hardcore Formulations In its press release about the warning… Continue reading FDA Works Up A Sweat Over Body Building “Supplements”