Baby Organic Liquid is a liquid supplement from Garden of Life; it is recalled after a complaint.
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Garden Of Life Recalls Baby Probiotic

Less than three weeks after launching its Baby Organic Liquid supplement for infants, Garden of Life is recalling the probiotic to fix bad dosage instructions. There is nothing actually wrong with the product, the company said in its press release about the recall, but some parents may be using Baby Organic Liquid incorrectly, creating a… Continue reading Garden Of Life Recalls Baby Probiotic

EZ Weight Loss TX announces recall of adulterated LaBri's Body Health Xplode.
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Another LaBri’s Body Health Recall

Another distributor of LaBri's Body Health "supplements" has announced a recall. Why EZ Weight Loss TX didn't recall back in March when Envy Me recalled its inventory is not known but EZ Weight Loss TX announced Monday that all packages of LaBri's Body Health Atomic and LaBri's Body Health Xplode are being pulled from the market. Just as before,… Continue reading Another LaBri’s Body Health Recall

Hardcore Formulations recalls.
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Ultra-Sten, D-Zine Recalled – Anabolic Steroids Found

The distributor of the body-building supplements Ultra-Sten and D-Zine has announced a recall of its entire inventory of both products due to the presence of anabolic steroid derivatives. The company, Hardcore Formulations, says that it has not received any reports of anyone using the supplements and becoming sick. The company's press release announcing the recall did not… Continue reading Ultra-Sten, D-Zine Recalled – Anabolic Steroids Found

The natural allergy medication Al-Er-G is being pulled after FDA found ephedra in it.

Al-Er-G Recalled – Ephedra

The company behind the herbal medication AL-ER-G, MusclMasster LLC, has issued a recall of all packages of the herbal allergy remedy because it is made with the long-ago-banned ingredient ephedra. The company says that AL-ER-G's white plastic bottles do not carry UPCs or expiration dates. The product was reportedly sold mainly in Colorado, though it… Continue reading Al-Er-G Recalled – Ephedra